To the Troy, OH property owner,

Your landscaping can say a lot about your property. It can make a statement (both good and bad). Hiring a professional lawn care specialists will ensure that you have a yard the whole neighborhood will oohh and ahh over.

Troy Lawn Care Service is the best landscaping company serving the Troy, OH / Miami County area. Over the last decade and a half, we’ve completed thousands of residential and commercial lawn service jobs as well as lawn care maintenance plans.

Not only that, but our testimonials and perfect BBB rating also shows our successful track record.
Now let’s talk about your lawn care service needs. I bet your lawn is lacking that freshly cut, true green look and the mulch beds needs a little work, correct?

If you’re in need of a new lawn care maintenance company, then you’ve found the right place!​

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Troy Landscaping Contractor Installing Sod for New Lawn

About Us

We have been bringing the widest variety of lawn care services to the Troy, Ohio area for many years and through that time have added a number of additional possibilities when it comes to your outdoor space and landscaping design. We can install and repair lawn lights, pool landscaping, or even a garden sprinkler system on top of the quality lawn care offerings we’re already known for in the area. When you need the capability to handle the entirety of your property with only a phone call, you can rely on the experienced touch of Troy Lawn Care Service.

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The landscaping services that we bring to the city of Troy, OH are aimed at providing you with all of your property’s landscaping and lawn care needs in one offering. We have the means to bring you the assistance you need with exterior lights, landscaping rocks, stump removal and a whole host of other possibilities. When looking to obtain the services of landscaping professionals that can bring you the quality lawn care treatment you seek through affordable offerings, making the choice to pick up the phone and call the experts at Troy Lawn Care Service will ensure that you get everything you’re looking for.

Troy Green Lawn on Ground
Troy Lawned Garden
Troy Landscaping Contractor Installing Sod for New Lawn
Troy Green Lawn Stripes

​Residential Lawn Care Service Troy, OH

We provide you the longest list of available services when it comes to Troy, Ohio homeowners’ residential lawn care needs. From decking lights to your sprinkler system, lawn aerator services and of course the cutting and manicuring we’re known for. We aim to ensure that a phone call to Troy Lawn Care Service will result in you getting the landscaping treatment you need across your property from yard to hedges. We are your one-call solution to tend to the entirety of your yard.

Commercial Lawn Care Service Troy, OH

The property surrounding your commercial business makes a statement to your visitors about the professional nature of your business and welcomes them ensuring a great first impression. When looking for commercial lawn care services ranging from lawn maintenance to core aeration, tree trimming and stump removal, you can be sure that the experts at Troy Lawn Care Service have the means to bring you results you’ll be glad to put on display to the public.

Commercial Lawn Care Service in Troy Ohio
Lawn Irrigation Service Troy, Ohio

Lawn Irrigation Service Troy, OH

Water is one of the most important elements to your lawn and ensuring that you have the capability to keep your grass watered without needing to worry about setting aside the time and effort needed to do so can be a benefit. We provide you the means to obtain irrigation installation, lawn sprinklers repair and a wide variety of various services needed to ensure that you can rely on your lawn watering system when you need it. Ohio’s summers can be dry and hot, our Troy, OH based lawn care professionals will keep your yard green all summer long.

Troy Lawn Care Service

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Lawn Fertilizer Service Troy, OH

Another vital part of beautiful and lush grass growth on your property is ensuring that you’re bringing the right feed to your property. With the assistance of Troy Lawn Care Service, you have the means to treat your back and front yard landscaping in a way that will bring the best growth possible. With the right combination of nutrients, our lawn fertilizing services will keep your grass will looking beautiful and strong throughout the green season.

Lawn Fertilizer Service in Troy, OH
Tree Service Troy, Ohio

Tree Service Troy, OH

We not only provide you with the means to treat the grass on your lawn but also the trees and shrubs surrounding your property. When you need effective tree pruning, stump removal, stump grinding, tree removal or any other service revolving around your property trees, you can count on the experience of Troy Lawn Care Service to bring results. We are dedicated to providing Troy, Ohio homeowners with tree services that can tend to your property needs in one offering, giving you results that are visible.

Landscape Lighting Troy, OH

From security lighting to outdoor LED lighting and more, you can count on Troy Lawn Care Service to bring you a wide variety of lighting possibilities. Whether for your commercial landscape lighting or residential landscape lighting project, you can count on our experts to bring you the services you need. We have the means to bring you professional landscape lighting installation, repair and replacement of a selection of various yard lights for your specific Troy, Ohio area property needs at a price you can rely on.

Landscape Lighting Troy, Ohio

What Our Customers Say

Richard B.
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I own a small golf course in Troy, and Troy Lawn Care Service has been my company of choice for many years. The golf green aeration service they provide has kept my business looking fantastic every year and I find myself looking forward to their treatments.
Carl Y.
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I have been using the lawn care treatments at Troy Lawn Care Service for a couple years now and recently found out they also provide tree removal service. I tasked them with removing one from my property and the results were just as goo as any of the others they deliver.
Paul W.
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I was having issues with my lawn sprinkler system and needed some pros on hand to provide repairs. I called Troy Lawn Care Service on a whim but was glad I did. They truly understand all the inner workings of the system and made short work of it.

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​If you’ve been looking for a quality lawn care service for your Troy, Ohio property, reaching out to the professionals at Troy Lawn Care Service is the most efficient means to acquire your needs. We bring you a quick and simple means of getting the lawn irrigation installation, front yard landscaping or tree trimming services you need. All it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone and call Troy Lawn Care Service, and soon you will be speaking with a knowledgeable professional ready to bring you the information you need regarding your services and the capability to quickly schedule your appointments.