About Troy Lawn Care Service

Troy Exterior of a House with Lawn

​Your lawn is a property surrounding statement. It’s the first thing visitors see upon entering your area, and the source of satisfaction for you as you look out onto your property knowing that it looks its absolute best. Troy Lawn Care Service are your local area lawn care specialists driving to bring you this reaction, bringing you the best in front yard landscaping, exterior lights, tree removal and a wide list of additional services in order to provide you with the complete list of offerings needed to keep your residential and commercial property looking its best at all times. We bring you a variety of scheduling possibilities, and the means to one-time yard care services that will freshen up your environment.

No matter the service you call upon our experts for, you can depend on an ease of access that comes with our dedication to bringing you results. From commercial property, golf courses, neighborhood home and more, there isn’t a grassy surface in Troy, Ohio that we don’t have the capability to bring the full weight of our expertise to. Whether you need lawn maintenance, stump grinding, pool landscaping, or a myriad of other possible services, making the choice to call into the local area lawn care experts will bring you the picture perfect finished product you seek. If you’re looking for a lawn care expert who puts attention to detail in everything they do, then it’s time to make the call to Troy Lawn Care Service.

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