Residential Lawn Care Service Troy, OH

Mowing Green Lawn in Troy

Many Troy, Ohio homeowners take pride in their lawns, it’s the first thing seen when approaching your property, it’s the area in which you can enjoy sunny afternoons and a spacer provided for young ones and pets to get out and play. Taking care of your lawn and getting the most out of it though can be a labor-intensive experience and require a fair bit of your spare time. When looking for an affordable alternative that brings picture perfect results, our experts are here for you.

Residential Lawn Care – Troy, OH

From mowing to maintaining your sprinkler system, adding landscaping rocks or outdoor LED lighting, the options you have in front of you when it comes to the maintenance of your lawn are vast and Troy Lawn Care Service brings you the specialized touch you need to fulfill each to the highest skill level. We have been providing the city quality lawn care for years now and have set ourselves apart as a business dedicated to bringing you the results you need without breaking the bank. No matter your specific lawn, we are the care professionals you need in your corner.

Weeding & Seeding – Troy, OH

There are many ways in which to care for your lawn and the grass upon it and when you need a specialized touch that provides the experience that will bring the best results, you can count on Troy Lawn Care Service. We have the knowledgeable experts you need to have the best possible treatment brought to your property, giving you the means to deal with trouble areas, removing encroaching weed growth and providing your lawn with the results you need. If you’ve been suffering from issues with lack of growth or too much growth on your lawn, you can trust our experts to help.

Aeration & Fertilization – Troy, OH

When it comes to bringing effective treatment to an already established lawn, fertilization and core aeration can be your biggest boosts for beautiful growth. We have been bringing these services to the city of Troy for many years and through that time have learned what it takes to bring the best possible treatment to each individual lawn. When you need results you can see when the growing season starts, then getting to the root of your lawn and bringing the nutrients needed is the best possible way to a healthy and lush growth.

Scheduled Services – Troy, OH

At Troy Lawn Care Service, we aim to provide you with the convenience of a professional service no matter the lawn in question. From commercial properties to residential, we have the service schedules available to ensure that you can get the care you’re looking for all throughout the year. From lawn maintenance to aerating your lawn, fertilizing, watering, lighting and so much more. When you make the choice to bring in the experts at Troy Lawn Care Service, you can depend on quality results at all times, and the means to have them delivered on a time frame that is most convenient to you.

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